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Neocons Stay on Message: Philip Giraldi
Iran Arguments Belie Fearmongering: Gareth Porter
Does Iran Have Bush Over a Barrel?: Jim Lobe
Alice in Guantánamo: Andy Worthington
Saving Nations From Themselves: William Pfaff

 Seymour Hersh

Preparing the Battlefield

 Anthony Gregory

Disappointed in the Democrats

 Gordon Prather

Axis of False Accusations

 Clay Ramsay

Americans Oppose Torture Somewhat

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Updated July 1, 2008 - 11:22 PM EDT
Pentagon Official Warns of Israeli Attack on Iran

US 'Won't Allow' Iran to Shut Key Gulf Oil Route


No Comment From White House on Iran Ops


Does Iran Have Bush Over a Barrel?

Afghanistan Deadlier Than Iraq Again for Troops


US-Led Forces Kill 8 Civilians Killed in Afghanistan


Pakistani Ambassador: US Diplomacy a 'Complete Failure'

Bush Signs $162 Billion War Spending Bill
  Iraq to Investigate Four Shooting Deaths by US Troops

Tuesday: 24 Iraqis Killed, 62 Wounded

How the FBI Botched the Anthrax Case

Judges Cite Need for Reliable Evidence to Hold Detainees

US Prepares Zimbabwe Sanctions, UN Divided

Congress to Bush and Cheney: Do What You Want in Iran  by David Bromwich
Surveillance Onslaught Is Draconian and Creepy  by Marina Hyde
Torture Cannot Coexist With Humane Society  by Bob Herbert
Anti-Iran Arguments Belie Fearmongering  by Gareth Porter
Alice in Guantánamo  by Andy Worthington
Defending the President as a Tyrant  by Robert Parry

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Poll: 82 Percent of Canadians Glad They Didn't Help Invade Iraq

No Doubt Guantanamo Prison Will Be Closed

Canadian Loses US Appeal in Syrian Torture Case

Obama to Maintain Military Spending

India Leader Struggles to Complete Nuclear Deal

UN Personnel Increasingly Under Attack, Study Finds

Oil Hits Record Over $143 on Iran-Israel Tensions

Kenya PM Says Mugabe Should Be Suspended From African Union
Today in Iraq

Iraqi Paper Condemns Some Arab Countries' Stance on Iraq

Medical Official in Sadr Hospital Arrested in Amarah

Iraq Sues Companies Over Oil-For-Food Kickbacks

Iraqi Refugees Only Dream of Home

New Jordanian Ambassador in Iraq to Start Mission Soon

Attacks Continue

Five Iraqi Judges Escape Baghdad Bombs

Iraqi Soldier Found Dead in Mosul

Monday: 20 Iraqis Killed, 25 Wounded
Iraq Oil Law

Iraq Fails to Sign Contracts With Global Oil Majors

Iraqi Notice on Oil Does Not Include Contracts

Iraq Opens Six Oil Fields for International Bidding

Occupying Iraq

Pentagon Announces New Deployments to Iraq

US Troops to Transfer Control of Shi'ite Province to Iraq

Abu Ghraib Inmates Sue Contractors, Claim Torture

Handover of South Iraq's Qadisiya Province Delayed

Wounded Iraqi Forces Say They've Been Abandoned

After Deaths, US Inspects Electric Work Done in Iraq

Rand Releases Delayed Iraq History

Iraqi Files in US: Plunder or Rescue?

'War on Terror'

Whistleblower: FISA 'Compromise' Advances Police State Agenda

Swedes E-Mail Lawmakers, Protest Eavesdropping Law

White House Backs Lieberman's Warning of Attack in 2009

Al-Arian Refuses to Enter Plea on Contempt Charges

UN Official Says Gitmo Trials Unfair

Judges Cite Nonsense Poem in Guantanamo Case

Britain Contends With Widening Terror Threat


28 Militants Said Killed in Afghan Fight

Afghan Governor Says Civilians Killed in US Raid

Eight Killed in Pakistani Tribal Region

Pakistan Turns to Force Against Militants

Smoke and Mirrors in the Khyber Valley

Pakistani Operation Against Militants Raises Questions

Criticism Grows as Pakistani Military Pursues Limited Offensive

South Asia

Sri Lanka Army Chief: Rebels on Brink of Defeat

Indian Maoists Sink Police Boat


Dalai Lama Envoys in China for Formal Talks

War in Philippines 'More Likely Than Not'

UN: US Ship Carrying Aid Arrives in North Korea


Iran Names New Member of Nuclear Negotiating Team

Hersh: Bush Has Escalated the Secret War Inside Iran

Ahmadinejad Target of 'Rome X-Ray Plot', Diplomat Says

Iran Produces 'Quick Reaction' Tanks

Iran Urges Britain to Release Former Envoy

Iran Sentences Man to Death for Spying for Israel


New Israeli Law Stipulates Territorial Withdrawal Only by Referendum

Israel Closes Gaza Border Crossings Once Again After Missile Attacks

Egypt to Reopen Gaza Border

Abbas: Little Progress in Negotiations

Hamas Emboldened by Israel-Hezbollah Prisoner Swap

German Negotiator Informs Israel Missing Aviator Is Dead

Gaza Reporter: Israeli Security Officials Broke My Ribs

Syrian FM Laments Israel's Nuclear Edge

Israel Adopts Law on 'Enemy' Travel

Middle East

USS Cole Attack 'Plotter' Charged

In Algeria, Insurgency Gains a Lifeline From al-Qaeda


Tsvangirai's Tactics Criticized by Party Insiders

Tsvangirai Says Mugabe Must Negotiate

Human Toll Yet to Be Counted in Zimbabwe

One Family Suffers as Mugabe's Thugs Continue Rampage

Farmers Attacked in Wake of Zimbabwe Election

Inside Mugabe's Torture Camps: Beaten, Maimed, and Poisoned With Weedkiller

The Zimbabwe of Memory, Eroded by a Deluge of Troubles

Mugabe Sails Through Summit Unchallenged

Leaders to Consider Zimbabwe Crisis at AU Summit

Mugabe Looks for Support at African Summit

No Public Criticism for Mugabe at African Summit

African Leaders Plan to Discuss Mugabe's Future


US Helping Deploy Nigeria, Burundi Troops in Somalia

Ethiopian Troops Come Under Attack in Somali Town Overnight


Violence and Human Rights Abuse Continues in Ivory Coast

Britain Says World Must Act to Stop Sudan 'Freefall'

Counternarcotics Effort in West Africa Widens Pentagon's Purview


Abkhazia to Shut Georgia Border

Bosnia's Black Gold


Chávez Faces Political Crisis as Allies Desert Him

Ex-Peru Spymaster: Fujimori Innocent in Spy Case

European Mediators Seek Out Colombia Rebels

Florida Travel Agencies Sue Over New Cuba Travel Law


Justin Raimondo
Don't Wait for World War III

Philip Giraldi
Neocons Stay on Message

Alan Bock
Making Progress, Without Uncle Sam

Ivan Eland
Can the Air Force Be Reformed?

Doug Bandow
Turning the Recurring Joke of a New European Defense Policy into Reality

Nebojsa Malic
Return of the Reds

Charles Peña
Change We Can Believe In?

David R. Henderson
The Supreme Court Gets One Right

Praful Bidwai
India-Pakistan Peace Survives, Somehow

Sascha Matuszak
The US and China:
Unsettling Similarities

Ran HaCohen
Israel at Sixty

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