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Who Planned the Anthrax Attacks?: J. Raimondo
US Military Censorship in Fallujah: Dahr Jamail
What Does China Think?: Doug Bandow
When Is Independence Day?: Kathy Kelly
Sanctions Are a Coward's War: Simon Jenkins

 Jacob Sullum

McCain's Plenary Powers

 Robert Parry

25 Year War Against Journalism

 Gareth Porter

No One to Stop Them Now

 Seymour Hersh

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Updated July 4, 2008 - 10:07 PM EDT
Poland Rejects US Missile Shield Deal
US-Led Raid Kills 22 Afghan Civilians
  US Extends Tours for Marines in Afghanistan
  Bush: US Deaths in Afghanistan From 'Taking the Fight' to the Taliban
Iran Responds to World Powers' Nuclear Offer
  Mullen Warns Over Military Strike Against Iran
  US Admiral: Iran 'Likely' to Attack Israel
  Israeli Officials: US Fears Israel Gearing Up for Iran Strike
  US Envoy in Israel Plays Down Plans to Attack Iran
Obama May Consider Slowing Iraq Withdrawal
  Rice 'Proud' of Iraq Invasion
Awakening Groups Sets Off Sunni Power Struggle
  Ex-IRA Leader to Advise Iraqis on Making Peace
  Journalist Charges Censorship by US Military in Fallujah
  Thursday: 31 Iraqis Killed, 24 Wounded
White House Says Ruling Could Free Detainees in US
Attacking Iran? How Does $300 Oil Sound?  by Robert Dreyfuss
Torture, Communism, and the American Way  by Jacob G. Hornberger
Bush Used Phony Patriotism to Start War  by Andrew Greeley
Hitchens's Tortured Explanation
by Michael Otterman
The Founders' Rights Stuff
by Rosa Brooks
When Is Independence Day?
by Kathy Kelly

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'State Secrets' Privilege Derails Rendition Suit
Pakistani Crackdown on Militants Seems to Find Very Few Militants
Bush to Meet New Pakistani PM Gilani Amid Tensions
Marine Sniper Says He Shot Syrians to Save His Men
Oil Heads Past $145 for 1st Time; Pump Cost Up Too
US Has $20m to Disable North Korean Reactor
US Denies Instigating July 4 Protests in Cuba
Latin America Policy at a Crossroads
Iraq May Ban Images of Religious Figures on Election Posters
Iraqi Oil
State Dept Denies It Pushed for Texas-Iraq Oil Deal
US Officials Condoned Hunt-Kurd Oil Deal: Documents
Iraq Says Competition Deciding Factor in Oil Deals
Panel Questions State Dept. Role in Iraq Oil Deal
Today in Iraq
Iraq Eyes Conditions on Local Election Campaigning
Iraqi PM to Parade Progress on Trip
The Disaster for Christians in Iraq
Katyush Rockets Strike British Base in Basra
Female MPs Calls on Upholding Woman Quota in Upcoming Provincial Elections
Thursday: 31 Iraqis Killed, 24 Wounded
Obama on Iraq
Obama Wades Into Controversy With Iraq Comments
Obama Says Iraq Trip Could Refine His Policy
Obama's Past Comments on Iraq Troop Withdrawal
The War at Home
Report: Passport Snooping Likely Rampant
More Passport Files Breached
Overseas Contract Loophole Is Closing
Suit Accusing Bush of Acting Illegally Tossed
Antiwar Protester Sues St. Paul Over Arrest
US Military
GI in Iconic Photo Dies of Overdose
Air Force Adapts to 'Different Kind of War'
Moms Ask Police to Leave Deserter Sons Alone
UK Military
UK Inks Deal for Biggest-Ever Warships
British Soldiers Accused of Bar Brawl in Cyprus
UK Defense Computers Behind Schedule, Over Budget
Debate Over Guantánamo's Fate Intensifies
Lawyers Ask US Judge to Stop First Guantánamo Trial
First Algerians Repatriated From Gitmo
Subplots on Guantánamo
US, Yeminis Meet About Guantánamo Detainees
'War on Terror'
Is the Department of Justice Tracking Your Mobile Phone Without a Warrant?
US: Only Two Rendition Flights Landed on UK Soil
Another Terror Suspect Freed on Bail in Britain
Sweden Pays $500,000 to Exonerated Terror Suspect
Homeland Security Report Faults Care of Detained Immigrants
Polish DM: No Agreement on US Missile Shield
Lesson Learned, Poles Get Tough Over US Missiles
Medvedev: Russia Is Not Leaving the G8
A Billionaire Governor Resigns in Russia
Russia Military 'Deeply Corrupt'
The Hague
Bosnian War Crimes Sentence Blocked
200 Zimbabweans Seeking Refuge in US Embassy
Zimbabwe Solution Could Now Take Years
Three Civilians Killed in Mogadishu
Displaced Return as Fighting Subsides in Central Somali Town
Peacekeepers in Darfur Hobbled by Need
Kenyan Army Hunts for Mt. Elgon Militia Sponsors
Colombian Hostage Ingrid Betancourt Vows to Become Country's President
Colombia Rescue Hinged on Rebel Disarray, Payback
Colombian Hostages Say Life Grew More Dire
Washington Holds Firm to Demands Iran Suspend Enrichment
US: Iran May Face More Sanctions if No Compliance
Details Emerge on New Proposal Being Weighed in Iran
Feds Indict 2 Alleged Munitions Dealers Over Iran Arms
Iran Detains Saudi Fishing Boats
Iran Says 4 Missing Iranians Alive in Israel
Olmert: Direct Israel-Syria Peace Talks Needed 'Very Soon'
Israel, Syria Agree to Extend Turkish-Sponsored Talks: Ankara
US Envoy: We Won't Intervene in Israel-Syria Talks
Jerusalem Bulldozer Attack
Motives in Earthmover Rampage Debated in Jerusalem
Israel in Jerusalem Dilemma After Bulldozer Attack
Israeli Police Fear Violence Against Arabs in Wake of Jerusalem Terror Attack
Olmert: Raze Attacker's Home, Revoke Family's Social Benefits
Israeli AG on Punitive Home Destruction: Legal but Questionable
Israeli VP: Strip All Arabs in Attacker's Home District of ID Cards, Wall Them In
'Someone Must Have Irritated Him'
Jerusalem Attacker's Ex-Girlfriend Says He 'Liked Jews'
Jerusalem Attacker's Family Told to Take Down Mourners' Tent
Israel Seals Off Gaza Again After Unclaimed Rocket Strike
Palestinians: Settlers Fired Rockets at Us
Peres: No Chance of Peace With Palestinians
Cooking With the Enemy
Ten Killed, 17 Injured in Gunfight North of Cairo
Egypt Opens Gaza Crossing for Returning Palestinians
Middle East
Saudi Cleric Warns Saudis to Shun Militants
Saudis Invite Israeli to Madrid Parley
US Arms Dealer Tests Legal Bounds in Middle East Arms Bazaar
Turkish General Calls for Calm
Lebanese Feast on 'Buns and Guns' in Hezbollah Fiefdom
Offensive in Tribal Area Criticized by Key Pakistani Politicians
Pakistan Civil Rights Activist Criticizes US as 'Oblivious'
Pakistan's Sharif Rebuffs US Official's Comment
Britain Doubles Aid to Pakistan
Pakistan's Tribal Areas and Militants
Pakistan Lawyers' Movement Leader Sees More Protests
Detention of Pakistani Nuclear Scientist Contested
Pakistani Agents Arrest Five, Say Foil Suicide Attacks
Taliban Tame a Wild Town Famous for Selling Guns
UN: Afghan Insurgency Challenging but Can Be Tackled
Five Afghan Soldiers Killed in Blast
Afghanistan Summons Pakistani Envoy Over Militants Leaders' Statement
China-Taiwan Flights Begin in Sign of Warmer Ties
China: Dalai Lama Must Disavow Tibet Independence
Tibet Talks Conclude With Little Progress
China Agrees to More Talks on Tibet
Military: Sri Lanka Fighting Kills 26
Blast Kills Four, Wounds 11 in Southern Philippines
More Protests Over Kashmir Land
Nine Terrorism Suspects Detained in Indonesia After a Raid Uncovers Bombs

Justin Raimondo
Who Planned the Anthrax Attacks?

Doug Bandow
What Does China Think?

Nebojsa Malic
Being Walter Duranty

Praful Bidwai
India's Singh Pushes for Nuclear Deal

Philip Giraldi
Neocons Stay on Message

Alan Bock
Making Progress, Without Uncle Sam

Ivan Eland
Can the Air Force Be Reformed?

Charles Peña
Change We Can Believe In?

David R. Henderson
The Supreme Court Gets One Right

Sascha Matuszak
The US and China:
Unsettling Similarities

Ran HaCohen
Israel at Sixty

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