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The Clinton Appointment: Justin Raimondo
Missile Defense and the US Empire: Charles Peña
Pact Will End Iraqi Need for US: Gareth Porter
The Iraq Math War: Robin Mejia
A My Lai a Month: Nick Turse

 Robert Prechter

Predicting Wars With Charts

 Tim Cavanaugh

Death and Deception in South Ossetia

 Ray McGovern

Obama's Daily Briefing

 Philip Giraldi

Who is Rahm Emanuel?

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Updated November 19, 2008 - 8:59 PM EST
US Official: GIs to Leave if Iraq Won't Sign Pact
  Maliki Calls for Passage of Troop Pact With US
  Iraq Announces Date for Long-Delayed Elections
  US-Iraq Pact Getting Mixed Reviews in Iran

Tuesday: 23 Iraqis Killed, 35 Wounded

US Drone Strike Kills 6, Pakistan Party Angered
  Mullen Praises Pakistan's Bajaur Operation
  Pakistan Aided in NATO Shelling of S. Waziristan

Taliban Siege of Pakistan Elders Leaves 7 Dead


Taliban Leadership Divided Over Attacks Inside Pakistan

Karzai's Peace Overture Puts US in Awkward Spot

Afghans Expect More Talks With Ex-Taliban

Islamists Poised to Evict Somali Govt

  Somali Pirates Seize 7 Ships in 12 Days, Latest From Iran

Warships Sent in as Somali Pirate Attacks Increase


Blackwater Aims to Cash in on Growing Piracy

Israel Seals Off Gaza, Outraged Over UN Remarks


Israeli Air Force Says Ready to Attack Iran

Georgia Struggles to Defend War Actions

UN: More Troops Won't Bring Peace to Congo

Pact Will End Iraqi Dependence on US Military  by Gareth Porter
Eliminate the US Presence in Iraq
by Christopher Preble
Cancel the Missile Project in Eastern Europe  by Jacob G. Hornberger
A My Lai a Month  by Nick Turse
Should Obama Chase Osama?
by Juan Cole
Obama Must End Torture
by Eugene Robinson

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Mullen: US Military Can Meet Obama's Demands

Top Intel Analyst Said to Be Leaving Post

Bush Flips on Iraq, North Korea Criticized

NATO Defense Chiefs to Discuss Operations

Britain Re-Establishes High-Level Intelligence Links With Syria

UN Court to Consider Serbia Genocide Case

100 Admirals, Generals: Repeal 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'

Cheney, Gonzales Indicted in South Texas County

Congo Troops in Disarray,
Armed Forces Chief Sacked
Iraq Troops Pact

Maliki Says Pact's Critics Want US Troops to Stay

Iraqi Cleric Repeats Concerns on US-Iraq Pact

Maliki: No Secret Clause in US Pact

Iraq Foreign Minister: Security Deal Respects Iran's Sovereignty

Today in Iraq

Iraq Says 300 Officials Charged With Corruption

21 Cluster Bombs Defused in Karbala

Iraqis Accused of Killing British Troops During 2003 Invasion Plead for Sanctuary

All Aboard the Baghdad Metro

Attacks Continue

One Killed, 16 Wounded in Nineveh Blast

Tuesday: 23 Iraqis Killed, 35 Wounded
Occupying Iraq

Canceled Iraq Contracts Cost US $600 Million

Banned Firms Got New US Contracts in Iraq

'War on Terror'
Top Judge at Guantánamo Announces Retirement

ACLU Denounces Gitmo Judge's Replacement

Detainee Will Face New War-Crimes Charges


Georgia Sees Strong Obama Support for NATO Hopes

Georgia Calls for Independent War Probe

Georgia Mounts Fight-Back After Accusations of Aggression

Amnesty Slams Georgia, Russia Over War Conduct

Russia Warns Georgia Against Boosting Military


China Stance on Tibet Clouds Exile Talks in India

PM-in-Exile: Tibetans Could Push for Independence

Diamond Mountain a Symbol of Koreas Tension

UN Official Warns of Social Strife in Asia


Burundi Troops Attacked at Somali Base

Ethiopia Won't Stay in Somalia 'Indefinitely'

Hijacked Saudi Tanker Reaches Somalia

Ethiopian Troops Vacate Somali Town

Kenyan Islamist Recruits Say They Did It for the Money


Zimbabwe Says Drafting Law on Unity Government

Zimbabwe Police Break Up Health Protest by Doctors


Congo Rebels to Pull Back to Allow Talks

International Court to Prosecute Congo's Lubanga

Congolese in Kinshasa Angry Over Eastern Conflict

Mullen: Pakistani Actions in Bajaur Had 'Significant Impact' in Afghanistan

Pakistani Offensive Seen Boosting Afghan Violence

NATO Says It Fired at Insurgents in Pakistan

Al-Qaeda Struggles in Pakistan Under New Leader

Violence in Pakistan Leaves 18 Dead


US Forces Detain 14 Rebels in Eastern Afghanistan

Afghan Refugees Back From Pakistan to Bleak Future

Afghan Returnees Huddle in Tent Camps

US Commander in Afghanistan Has Reconciliation Plan

Afghan Air Force Takes Off, Slowly

France Sees No New Threat After Taliban Message

South Asia

Kashmir Votes for Democracy, Development, Not India

Nepal Seeks Peace Talks With Rebels

Sri Lanka's Military Destroys Seven Tamil Rebel Boats


Former US Diplomats Urge Major Change Towards Iran

Iran Wants Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant Operational in 2009

Iranian Envoy Accuses US of Plotting 'Velvet Revolution'

Iranian Blogger Who Visited Israel Arrested for Spying

Iran Kills Members of Kurdish Guerrilla Group


Israeli Soldiers, Palestinian Gunmen Clash in Gaza

Israeli Tanks Move Into Gaza, Level Farmland

On Top of Humanitarian Disaster, a News Blackout

Foreign Reporters' Group Fights Israeli Prohibition on Entering Gaza

France Wants New Mideast Quartet Meeting This Year

Egyptian Court Says No to Gas Exports to Israel

Mideast Peace Talks

President-Elect Obama Speaks With Palestinian Leader Abbas

Peres: Obama 'Very Impressed' by Arab League Peace Plan

PA to Publish Pro-Peace Deal Ads in Israeli Media

Britain Urges Israel, Syria to Move on Middle East Peace

In Other News

Australia Temporarily Shuts Down Navy

Alleged Pinochet Victim Turns Up Alive in Chile

Spanish Judge Drops Probe Into Franco Atrocities


Justin Raimondo
What the Clinton Appointment Means

Charles Peña
Missile Defense and
the American Empire

Philip Giraldi
AIPAC's Man in
the Obama Camp

Alan Bock
Gitmo Disappointment Coming

Ivan Eland
Obama's Challenges Are Unprecedented in US History

Doug Bandow
Barack Obama Takes Charge: Time to Leave Iraq

David R. Henderson
A Veterans Day Tribute

Sascha Matuszak
Business Over Bluster

Ran HaCohen
Black Israeli Voices on Obama's Victory

Nebojsa Malic
Obama's Choice

Praful Bidwai
Lawmaker's Disclosure May Torpedo Nuke Deal

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