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The CIA's Silent War in Pakistan    Military Tribunals Not the Same as US Courts    Iran Says Powers Agree to Nuclear Talks After Vote    Eritrea Rejects Accusations on Somali Arms    Troops Kill 60 Rebels, Make Largest Afghan Drugs Bust    Green Zone Killing Heightens Security Fears    'Pakistan Ready to Phase Out Nukes if India Does So'    Peshawar Cinema Bombing Death Toll Rises to 13    Hillary Clinton's Diplomacy Raises Some Eyebrows    Ahmadinejad Says Predecessor Humiliated Iran    Obama Acknowledges Guantánamo 'One of Our Biggest Problems'    Review of CIA Memos Divides Congress    Lebanon DM Says Biden Promised Military Aid Package, Regardless of Election Results    'Israel Won't Yield to US Demands, Won't Halt Settlement Construction'    US Relies More on Allies in Questioning Terror Suspects    British and American Fighters Respond to Jihad Call in Somalia    FBI 'Lured Dimwits' Into Terror Plot    Tony Blair Believed God Wanted Him to Go to War to Fight Evil, Claims His Mentor    Barack Obama Pledges to Keep US 'Dominance'    NATO Airstrike Kills Construction Worker, Wounds 18 Others Near Afghan Capital    Few in Kandahar Aware of Afghanistan's Elections    Top US Official Warns That War in Afghanistan Strengthens Taliban in Pakistan    Iraq: Iranian Mujahideen Helped in Suppressing 1991 Uprising, Says Defector    Taliban Driven From Road but Still in Hills    CIA's Panetta Tries to Thread the Needle    White House: Obama Won't Unveil Mideast Peace Plan in Cairo    Feingold: Prolonged Detention Would 'Set the Stage for Future Guantanamos'    Pakistan: Troops Battle Taliban in Main Swat Town    Cheney: Support for Israel Feeds Terrorism    Yet Another Bogus 'Terror' Plot    Obama's Betrayals    Blowing Smoke on Gitmo    Facts and Myths About Obama's Preventive Detention Proposal    Cheney's Comprehensive Strategy to Keep America Safe    Does Military Power Keep Us Safe?    
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Updated May 24, 2009 - 10:53 AM EDT
Obama Pledges to Keep US 'Dominance'
  US Relies More on Allies in Questioning Terror Suspects
  Cheney's Assertions of Lives Saved Is Hard to Prove
Pak Troops Battle Taliban in Main Swat Town
  'Pakistan Ready to Phase Out Nukes if India Does So'
Israel: 'US Can't Order Halt to Settlement Growth'
  White House: Obama Won't Unveil Mideast Peace Plan in Cairo
  Lebanon DM: Biden Promised Aid, Regardless of Election Results
NATO Kills Afghan Worker, Wounds 18 Others
  Top US Official Warns That Afghan Surge Strengthens Pakistani Taliban
  Troops Kill 60 Rebels, Make Largest Afghan Drugs Bust
  Few in Kandahar Aware of Afghanistan's Elections
Green Zone Killing Heightens Security Fears
  Will Iraqi Cities Erupt as US Forces Leave?
  Iraq PM Slams Law Pardoning Mainly Sunni Prisoners
  Baghdad Has New Security Layer: Street Gates
  Saturday: 3 Americans, 13 Iraqis Killed; 11 Iraqis Wounded
Facts and Myths About Obama's Preventive Detention Proposal  by Glenn Greenwald
The Humanitarian Face of the State, With Fangs  by Lew Rockwell
Cheney's Comprehensive Strategy to Keep America Safe  by Gordon Prather
Cheney: Support for Israel Feeds Terrorism  by Ray McGovern
Did Bibi Box Obama In?
by Patrick J. Buchanan
Stop Calling Them 'Terrorists'!
by Kelley Vlahos
Obama's Betrayals  by Sheldon Richman
Yet Another Bogus 'Terror' Plot
by Robert Dreyfuss

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Review of CIA Memos Divides Congress
Military Tribunals Not the Same as US Courts
Hillary Clinton's Diplomacy Raises Some Eyebrows
CIA's Panetta Tries to Thread the Needle
Spain's Judges Cross Borders in Rights Cases
Iraq: Iranian Mujahideen Helped in Suppressing 1991 Uprising, Says Defector
Blair Believed God Wanted Him to Go to War to Fight Evil, Claims His Mentor
Peshawar Cinema Bombing Death Toll Rises to 13
The War at Home
Obama Treaty Push Hinges on Global 'Listening' Net
Two Bush Officials Fire Back at Cheney Fearmongering'
Don't Call Ex-Vice President Cheney a Has-Been
Dubya, Condi, Paul, Rummy and Colin: Where Are They Now?
Microsoft Blocks Messenger in Five US-Embargoed Countries
Soldiers Return From Iraq, Prepare to Adjust to Civilian Life
'War on Terror'
Feingold: Prolonged Detention Would 'Set the Stage for Future Guantánamos'
Guantánamo Closing Hands Republicans a Wedge Issue
Obama Acknowledges Gitmo 'One of Our Biggest Problems'
FBI 'Lured Dimwits' Into Terror Plot
High-Tech Ways to Combat Terrorism
Conservative Radio Host Gets Waterboarded, Lasts Six Seconds Before Saying It's Torture
Today in Iraq
Iraqi Officials Expect Moves Amid Inquiry
Maliki Pledges No Restrictions on Iraqi Media
Slayings Dashed Dreams of Rural Iraqi Family
Iraq's Disgraced Trade Minister Expected to Step Down
For Displaced Iraqis, 'No Life'
Iraqi Residents Turn Local al-Qaeda Headquarters to Crowded Shopping Center
Saturday: 1 US Soldier, 2 American Contractors, 13 Iraqis Killed; 11 Iraqis Wounded
Global Iraq Impact
Turkey Lets More Water Out of Dams to Iraq
MoD Admits Hercules in Fatal Crash Was Unsafe
Report: Heatstroke Soldier Whose Death Led to Landmark Human Rights Ruling 'Passed Out Sunbathing'
Dover 'Old Guard' Team Shoulders Heavy Burden in Iraq
Iran Says Powers Agree to Nuclear Talks After Vote
Ahmadinejad Rejects Rivals' Criticisms, Threatens to Retaliate
Ahmadinejad Says Predecessor Humiliated Iran
Iran's President Faces Campaign Trail Hurdles
Reformist Khatami Urges Iranians to Elect Ex-Premier
Iran Blocks Facebook Over Presidential Hopeful
The Unlikely Candidacy of Mir Hossein Mousavi
Italy FM Says He Is Sending Representative to Iran to Discuss Possible Meeting on Afghanistan
Hamas Denies Efforts to Stop Rocket Attacks Against Israel
Israeli Gunboats Fire at Palestinian Fishing Boats

Israeli Settler Found Slain in Nablus

Palestinians Rescued After Five Days Trapped in Collapsed Tunnel
Two Dead as Gaza Smuggling Tunnel Collapses
Israel Used Depleted Uranium in Offensive on Gaza, Reports NGO
European Aid Convoy Expected in Gaza Strip on Sunday
Russia Favors Keeping Up Talks With Hamas: Foreign Minister
Biden's Visit Sparks Controversy Between Lebanon's Opposing Political Factions
Report: Lebanon Arrests Three More Israeli Spies
Proceedings of Israeli Espionage Interrogations Must Remain Under Wrap: Lebanese Military Source
Report: Hariri Murder Probe Sees Hezbollah Role
Seven Arrested in Connection to Cairo Blast
Egypt: Al-Qaeda Trained Terrorists in Gaza
Prominent Egyptian Dissident Burned in Attack
Middle East
Israeli Government Too Extreme to Make Peace: Syria's Assad
No '57-State Solution' to Mideast Conflict, Says Arab League Chief
Three Saudi Terror Suspects Turn Themselves In

Russia, Jordan Sign Nuclear Cooperation Agreement

Venezuela Rejects Concerns From UN, OAS on Media
Obama in Fresh Overture to Cuba on Immigration
Brazil Thwarts Neo-Nazi Bomb Plot
Americans Still Dying
Missouri Native One of Five Killed in Iraq by Fellow Soldier
Air Force Intelligence Officer Killed by IED in Afghanistan (MO)
At 60, Arizona Man Becomes Oldest Soldier Killed in Iraq War
Soldier From La Puente (CA) Dies in Combat in Afghanistan
NJ Soldier Killed in Iraq One of 31,000 Immigrants Serving in Military
Belleville (IL) Soldier Killed in Baghdad Blast
Virginia Soldier, Raised in Vermont, Killed by Iraq Sniper
Family Mourns Alabama Soldier Killed in Afghanistan
Taliban Driven From Road but Still in Hills
Five Killed, 15 Vehicles Torched Across Karachi
Pakistan Army Widens Hunt for Taliban
Taliban Might Launch Retaliatory Attacks Across Pakistan, Says Gilani
The CIA's Silent War in Pakistan
Army Says Pakistanis Form Militias to Expel Taliban
Pakistan: No Timeframe for End to Swat Operation, Says Governor of NWFP
Pakistani Army Claims Taliban's Elimination in Swat Valley Imminent
A Blast ... Then the Birds Stop Singing in Peshawar
The Wali of Swat Mourns His Lost Land
Pakistan's Mystics in Sights of Taliban
Foreign Banks Tell Staffers Not to Wear 'Western Dress' in Pakistan
French Tourist Kidnapped in Pakistan
Two Afghan Soldiers, Two Taliban Fighters Killed in Afghanistan
160th British Serviceman Killed in Afghanistan
Female Air Force Academy Graduate Killed in Afghanistan
US Military Investigates Contractors After Afghan Killing
New Indian Govt Extends 'Hand of Friendship' to Pakistan
Terror Infrastructure in Pakistan Stumbling Block in Ties, Says New External Affairs Minister for India
US Leaders Speak
Sri Lanka Leader Rejects War Crimes Investigation
UN Chief Visits Sri Lankan War Refugees
Scorched Earth, Craters Mark Sri Lanka War Zone
'We Are the Tigers,' Roars Despairing Tamil Diaspora
Sri Lanka: Even in Victory, Secrecy and Evasion Prevail
Tamil Tiger Official Repeats Claim Leader Still Alive
Prabhakarans Body Cremated, Say Sri Lanka Army Chief
Sri Lanka Health Ministry Probes War Zone Doctors
War-Ravaged Tamil Population Faces Grim Future in Camps
Mahinda Rajapaksa Wins Sri Lanka but Peace May Prove Elusive
Tigers Begged Me to Broker Surrender
Role of British Diplomats in Tamil Leaders' Failed Surrender Bid
Communist Leader Elected Nepal's New PM

Bombing in Nepal Church Kills 2, Wounds 15

Pelosi Mum on Rights Before Trip to China
Showing the Glimmer of Humanity Amid the Atrocities of War
Tiananmen Now Seems Distant to China's Students
Openness in China About Zhao Ziyang's Memoir Is Short-Lived
Chinese Report on Tibet Reveals the Roots of Unrest
Suu Kyi Trial Dashes Chance US Will Ease Sanctions
First Appearance of Burmese Opposition Leader Suu Kyi in Six Years
Myanmar: Books, Letter to Be Used in Case Against Suu Kyi
Embattled South Korean Ex-President Kills Himself
Bangladesh Is 'Safe Haven for British Islamic Terrorists'
Thai Insurgency Takes Toll on Both Buddhists, Muslims
Indonesians Embrace American-Style Reality TV as Political Islam Wanes
Rights Group: 53 Somalis Killed in Latest Fighting
Bus Blown Up, 29 Killed, 200 Wounded in Mogadishu Clashes
Somali Forces Battle Insurgents for Control of Capital
Eritrea Rejects Accusations on Somali Arms
For Somalia, Chaos Breeds Religious War
British and American Fighters Respond to Jihad Call in Somalia
Insurgents in Mogadishu Attack AU Peacekeepers
Residents Flee Somali Capital
Mogadishu Shelled After Lull in Deadly Battle
US Outreach on Rough Seas Off Western Africa
Kenya Politics Provide Punchline on TV Puppet Show
Witch Hunts Heighten Fear of Gambia Despot, Dozens Flee Into Sengal
Rwanda's Chief Prosecutor Calls for More Genocide Trials
Rebels Killed in Chechnya, 15 Others Arrested in Ingushetia: Report
At Turkish Border, Armenians Are Wary of a Thaw
Three Balkan States Sign 'Balkanpol' Security Coordination Pact

Justin Raimondo
Why Liberals Love Obama

Ivan Eland
Blowing Smoke on Gitmo

Edouard Husson
The Virtues of Gorbachevism

Kelley B. Vlahos
‘March of Freedom' a Trail of Tears

Nebojsa Malic
Biden Does the Balkans

Philip Giraldi
Picking on AIPAC?

Alan Bock
Torture: The Plot Sickens

Charles V. Peña
Pentagon Gluttons

David R. Henderson
The Case for Prosecuting Bush

Ran HaCohen
Abe Foxman's 'Anti-Semitic Pandemic'

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