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Updated March 17, 2017 - 11:24 PM EDT
Tillerson: North Korea Diplomacy Has Failed
  US Expects More Missile, Nuclear Testing by North Korea
  How to End the Korean War
US Airstrike Hit N. Syria Mosque, Killing Scores
  Syria Fires Anti-Aircraft Missiles in Response to Latest Israeli Attacks
  Syrian Forces Regaining Control of Villages Around Aleppo
SEALs 'Startled' by How Ready Yemeni Qaeda Is
  SEAL Team 6 Tried Second Yemen Raid After Botched Operation
Iraq, US Differ on Progress Made in West Mosul
Trump Seeks Deep Domestic Cuts to Fund Military Increases
Sen. Rand Paul Hits Back at Mccain Over Montenegro Vote
Is McCain Hijacking Trump's Foreign Policy?  by Patrick Buchanan
Dems Warn Base Not to Expect Evidence of Trump/Russia Link  by Glenn Greenwald
Perpetual War for Perpetual Peace in Afghanistan  by Dan Wright
How to End the Korean War  by Justin Raimondo
WikiLeaks Vault 7 Reveals CIA Cyberwar  by Nozomi Hayase
The US Must Stop Enabling the Destruction of Yemen  by Daniel Larson

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Nazi-Allied Group Claims Trump Advisor as Member
Congress' Wiretap Slap Leaves White House Fuming
Yahoo Hack: Russia's FSB Not Involved in Cyberattacks, Kremlin Says
Explosive Device 'Left at Main NYC Bus Terminal'
Trump Taps Boeing Exec to Be Pentagon's Number 2
The War at Home
Court Says FBI Doesn't Have to Hand Over Its Rules for Surveilling Domestic Journalists
Federal Prosecutors Allege Dubious ISIS-Nazi Connection in Terror Sting Case
Federal Judge in Maryland Temporarily Blocks Trump's Travel Ban
Admitted al-Qaeda Fighter Convicted in NY Terror Case
Boeing, US Government Sign $3.4 Billion Deal for AH-64E Apache Helicopters
OSCE Extends Monitoring Mission to Ukraine by One Year
Russian Eurovision Nominee Banned From Ukraine
Ukraine to Receive 600 Million Euros in EU Aid, Commission Says
Lithuanian Parliament Moves to Impeach MP Over Russian Ties
EU Tells Balkans to Quit 'Playing With Fire' and Work Together
Letter Bomb at IMF's Paris Office Injures Woman Employee
Greek Group Claims It Mailed Parcel Bomb to German Finance Minister
Two Hungarian Police Officers Fined for Brutality Against Migrants
Armenian Activist's Death in Prison Sparks Protests
Somali Islamists Let Drought-Hit Civilians Roam in Search of Food
Somali Pirates Release Hijacked Ship, Crew Without Ransom
Attack on Aid Convoy in South Sudan Kills Two, Wounds Three
Namibia Tribes Sue Germany in US Over Colonial-Era Genocide
Mexico Authorities Complicit in Mass Grave: Prosecutor
Mexico State Has So Many Mass Graves, Lacks Space for Bodies
El Salvador: At Least 30 Slain in Bloody 24-Hour Span
UN: Deaths of Human Rights Leaders in Colombia Show Pattern
Brazil Supreme Court: Secret Files of Military Regime Must Be Made Public
Over 150,000 People Have Fled Mosul; 85 Killed in Iraq
News Crew Almost Killed During ISIS Bomb Attack in Mosul
Iraqi Forces to Bomb ISIS Jihadis With Shuttlecock Guided Grenades
Russia Says Rebel Boycott of Astana Talks Was Initiative of Third Party
Syria Government Urges UN Chief to Avert 'Looming Dam Catastrophe'
Six Years Into Syria's War, Rebel Areas Face Deepening Medical Crisis
Russia Sends 150 Demining Experts to Syria's Palmyra: Agencies
Erdogan: EU Initiating 'Crusade' Against Islam
Merkel Says Does Not Intend to Trade Provocations With Turkey
In Precedent-Setting Ruling, Israel's Top Court Recognizes East Jerusalem Arabs as 'Native-Born Residents'
Israel Drastically Reduced Number of Exit Permits for Gazans
Israel Blacklists Palestinian Fund as US Envoy Visits
Trump Envoy Meets Israeli Settlers in Unusual Move
Ahead of Meeting With Trump Envoy, Netanyahu Says Israel, US Working on Mutually Agreed Settlement Policy
Palestinian Amputee, 14, Recalls Detention by Israeli Forces: 'I Wasn't Afraid of Being Hit'
Middle East
UAE Soldier Killed in Yemen
Report: Jordan to Deny US Request to Extradite Sbarro Bombing Attack Terrorist
With a Stroke of Red Pen, Myanmar's Rohingya Fear Losing Right to Return
Children Among Hundreds of Rohingya Detained in Myanmar Crackdown
Pakistan Wants Facebook, Twitter to Help Identify People Suspected of Blasphemy
Four Militants Linked to Bangladesh Cafe Attack Killed in Raid
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Trump Is the Enemy of Neocons, But He's Not Our Friend

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Israel: Neither Democratic or Jewish

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Robert Gates, Pro and Con

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Do Orcs Love Their Children Too?

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Biden in Belgrade: A Trip Down NATO-Invasion Memory Lane

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